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We lost Earl Ragnar, our favorite Beta fish. 

& we were sure to give him a viking’s funeral as such a magnificent fish as he deserves. 

See you in Valhalla my friend. 

Sail, Ragnar. Sail. 

you set your little girl’s dead fish on fire in front of her eyes this is incredible

Lo, There do I see my Father, and 
Lo, there do I see my Mother, and 
Lo, There do I see my Brothers and my Sisters and
Lo, There do I see my people back to the beginning, and
Lo they do call to me, and
bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla, 
Where the brave will live forever. 


La Catrina de José Guadalupe Posada.

Llamada originalmente la Calavera Garbancera, la Catrina fue una crítica social contra todos aquellos que se avergonzaban de sus orígenes, imitaban los estílos europeos y renegaban de sus raíces, cultura y herencia indígena.

La Catrina by José Guadalupe Posada.

Originally called la Calavera Garbancera, la Catrina was a social criticism against all those who were ashamed of their origins, imitated European styles, and denied their indigenous roots, culture, and heritage.

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